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Brainy Brontosaurus | Mini Orange Felt Brontosaurus

Brainy Brontosaurus | Mini Orange Felt Brontosaurus

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Brainy Brontosaurus, is a bright spark, an adorable orange felt dinosaur with a big brain (or so he thinks!). He's convinced he's the sharpest dino on the block and takes his learning quite seriously. In his mind, he's the gang's most responsible member, forever eager to showcase his wisdom.

Brainy is the ultimate bookworm, always diving into a good read, and he adores learning new things. Sure, he can be a bit bossy and overbearing at times, but beneath that know-it-all exterior beats a heart that genuinely cares about his pals and their well-being.

Brainy Brontosaurus is Australian designed. Handcrafted from pure wool to create a sensory, playful experience and a joyful gift for loved ones.

No need to worry about toxins and plastics, because these fun felt toys are all-natural.   Designed to inspire imagination and creative play. 

Felted by skilled artisans and ethically sourced. 

Product Details

  • 100% New Zealand wool
  • Coloured with azo-free dye
  • Height: 10cm
  • Length: 18cm
  • Weight: 35g
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