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Bold Brontosaurus | Mini Dark Marle Felt Dinosaur Toy

Bold Brontosaurus | Mini Dark Marle Felt Dinosaur Toy

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Bold Brontosaurus is full of energy and loves to chat non-stop. She will talk to anyone, Mum says she could talk underwater. CHAT, CHAT, she makes her sister laugh with all the talk.  

Do you know someone like Bold?

Made from high-quality wool Bold Brontosaurus has an exceptional durable quality, ideal for play. She will inspire imagination and creative play, as children create new worlds in another time. 

These beautiful, all-natural toys are ethically sourced, sustainable and plastic free. Felted by skilled artisans within a family owned workshop in Kathmandu and naturally-dyed.

As a handmade product, each toy will vary slightly.

Care instructions:

  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Stands 10 cm tall
  • Biodegradable and sustainable
  • Age recommendation 3+ years 

Made in Nepal in a small family business.

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